Why Charter From us

Charter Bus Service is the most economical form of transportation per mile, but before you choose a carrier, there are some important things to consider other than just the price. In our 40 years of experience, getting the lowest price usually means compromising your satisfaction in some or all of these areas.

Customer Service – The effort that’s made to provide you with the experience you expect.

At Blue Grass Tours, we provide a friendly and dedicated team of professional travel coordinators to assist you before you travel, and a technical team, including your driver and his support staff, to assist you while you are on the road.

Our extended office hours provide service well into the evening and our technical team maintains 24 hour support for our drivers.

We go beyond simple charter transportation. We offer advice and complete travel package planning; including confirmed reservations and prepayment with hotels, restaurants, guided tours and tickets for excursions or special events.

Timely Arrivals – What good is an itinerary if your transportation company lets you down?

Our travel coordinators use their years of experience to help you plan every detail of your itinerary so you can get where you want to be on time and our technical team uses an extensive maintenance schedule to keep our charter coaches running and on the road.

Our contacts help keep us on track at your destination. We ask about travel times and preferred routes. We keep up to date on construction and traffic delays in the destination city and most importantly we use that information to get you to your destination on time whether it’s a dinner, a meeting or a show.

Travel Safety – A Charter Bus Service should never take chances when it comes to the safety of their customers or drivers and it all comes down to a commitment by the bus owners to do the right things.

Bus companies who are able to offer drastically reduced rates to charter or tour groups may be cutting corners in other areas like tires, bus maintenance and inspections, safety standard compliance, insurance coverage and proper operational licenses.


At Bluegrass Tours we put safety first. We recommend you do a pre-travel inspection of your charter coach. We know you’re probably not an expert, but a company that doesn’t take care of the basics, may have other problems too.

  • Does the bus look good?
  • Is it clean?
  • Are the seats in good condition?
  • Are the tires in good condition? (never bald – plenty of tread!)

Travel Comfort – Travel on a luxury charter coach should be relaxing not tiring.

Little things can cause stress while traveling, It’s too hot. It’s too cold. It’s too noisy. The movie isn’t working or you can’t see or hear it. The seat is uncomfortable. Why does it take so long?

At Bluegrass Tours we do everything we can to ensure your travel comfort. We have the finest coaches in the travel industry and we take extra care to make sure they are working properly.

At least one day before departure, we complete a 75 point inspection checklist to make sure all systems are in working order and we never let a charter coach out of our shop until all systems pass inspection and are signed off by our service manager.

Confidence in your Carrier – As in any relationship, you should be looking for warning signs…

In the heat of making arrangements and getting things done, it’s easy to miss the warning signs of trouble.

Maybe something just doesn’t seem right, maybe the pieces of your itinerary aren’t falling into place or maybe things are happening that you didn’t expect. Pay attention to your intuition.

At Bluegrass Tours, we want you to feel confident that all our planning is going to pay off in a great experience for you and your group. That’s why we focus on eliminating the five biggest problems.

When we do our job correctly, there shouldn’t be any unanswered questions. That’s how we define confidence and if you want to go over it again, we’ll be happy to help.

Operating Authority

Blue Grass Tours maintains the highest rating of SATISFACTORY from the D.O.T. (Department of Transportation) as well as the highest rating of #1 from the Department of Defense. Our Operating Licenses are: ICC MC-162348 and State PUC 1297, 1219, with authority to operate throughout the 48 contiguous United States, plus Alaska and Canada.

At Blue Grass Tours, safety is our number one priority. Our fleet is kept up-to-date with the latest safety features and we follow all D.O.T. regulations. We maintain our fleet in-house with our own full-time trained technicians.

Motor coach Equipment

Deluxe motor coaches feature air-conditioning, public address system, reclining seats, tinted windows, reading lamps, lavatories and TV/DVD system. Some of our coaches are also equipped with electrical outlets and wi-fi. Please call to request a coach with electrical outlets and/or wi-fi capability.